• Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Grisham Stadium is future-proof

The new synthetic turf surface of Carrollton High School’s Grisham Stadium in Georgia, the US, uses a blend of components that, collectively, make it future-proof.

The stadium field was recently renovated by Sports Turf Company, a specialty sports construction and surfacing company.

The existing turf field was renovated into “a system that surpasses others in safety, durability and performance,” a statement by the company claimed. The field complies with the requirements set by the Georgia High School Association (GHSA).

The artificial turf system features Astro Turf’s 3D Decade System, Brock Powerbase YSR shock pad and organic Brockfill infill.

AstroTurf’s Decade System is a performance synthetic turf that combines slit film and monofilament fibres. The turf comes with a 10-year warranty, a period that exceeds any other warranty given by synthetic turf companies.

Locally sourced

All components have been locally sourced. Astroturf has had its production facilities in Dalton for many years. Furthermore, the trees from which Brockfill is derived grow in Georgia.

“Brockfill improves traction for athletes and reduces synthetic turf heat affecting coaches and players,” a spokesperson told Sportsfields.info. “Brockfill also absorbs rainwater and condensation. The absorbed moisture is then gradually released for cooling.”

The puzzle-shaped Powerbase YSR shock pad panels are produced from expanded polypropylene.

The Brock Powerbase YSR shock pad and Brockfill are specifically engineered to optimize safety for athletes during impacts to the surface.

“Durability, performance and safety of great importance.”

“It’s an honour to provide top-performing athletic facilities to Trojan Nation,” Sports Turf Company President Todd Wiggins said. “Carrollton City Schools place a great importance on its facilities’ durability, performance and safety, and we’re happy to provide surfaces that meet their needs.”

“Sports Turf has equipped our athletic facilities with technology that focuses on safety, performance and durability,” Carrollton City Schools Assistant Superintendent of Facilities and Operations Craig George said. “The updates in Grisham Stadium will provide the best surfaces for our student-athletes as they compete and practise each day.”


The new field will be used for a variety of sports. It has the markings for football (soccer), lacrosse and flag football. Furthermore, the school will use it for band activities as well as physical activity classes.

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