• Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

GKB Sandspreader and Topdrop sander allowed on the roads

The Sandspreader and Topdrop sanders of GKB Machines have been approved for driving on the road. Thanks to this approval it is no longer required to use trailers or towing vehicles to transport these machines to the site.

Tüv in Germany and the Dutch RDW have assessed that the production process of GKB Machines is correct. As a result, GKB Machines is allowed to issue “type approvals” itself, the manufacturer claims. The Sandspreader and Topdrop now have such approval, as they feature a European approved overrun brake, wheel brakes, tires, bumper, lights and reflectors. Sandspreaders or Topdrops sold will now come with a declaration of conformity stating that the machine is allowed to drive on public roads. Insurers can ask for such statement as proof of a claim by the manufacturer.

License Plate

According to GKB Machines, the approval has an additional advantage. From 2025, tractors and implement carriers must have a number plate in the Netherlands. This also applies to towed machines. Thanks to the type approval, the machines are also equipped with a VIN; Vehicle Identification Number also known as chassis number. As a result, the tool is already registered for use on public roads, which is necessary to carry a number plate.

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