• Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

GKB introduces own aerator

GKB Machines introduces the Deep Tine Aerator to aerate turf vertically. The aerator is available in four working widths: 120, 160, 210 and 260 cm.

Rudolf Molenaar, business development manager of GKB Machines, claims that the machine distinguishes itself in robustness and reliability. “The Deep Tine Aerator has heavy and robust bearings. The sheet metal is also thicker, making the machine heavier,”he says.

The DTA120 is the smallest version available. It weighs 500 kg, works up to a depth of 25 cm and requires a tractor with a minimum power of 13.2 kW (18 hp). The largest model, the DTA260, weighs 2,000 kg, works up to 40 cm deep and is powered by a tractor of at least 41.1 kW (65 hp). The manufacturer recommends aerating at a driving speed of 1 to 1.5 km / h.

All models are equipped with a gearbox with which you can determine the working speed of the lancing arms. With a lever you set the speed to three positions.

Hollow or solid pins

The aerators can be equiped with different lancing devices; solid and hollow pins. There are five pens in a holder on each arm. To remove the holde with the pins, two bolts can be loosened. This makes it possible to quickly and easily change the pens.

Change working depth

The Deep Tine Aerator has two rollers. The front roller allows to set the working depth. For the DTA120 and DTA160 this is done manually. For the DTA210 and DTA260 the working depth is adjusted hydraulically. The rear roller can also be set to a floating position. When using hollow lancing devices, the rear roller can be disassembled. For more intensive aeration, the prying angle of the pins can be adjusted to 25 degrees.

The machines will cost 18,000 to 37,000 euros.

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