• Wed. May 22nd, 2024


In the Netherlands, there has been a major problem in recent years with the correct recycling of end-of-life artificial turf. Clients, suppliers and customers all suffered greatly from this problem. Why couldn’t it be processed in a responsible manner? GBN Groep has done extensive research into this and came to the conclusion ‘We can do this in a responsible and especially circular way’!
At GBN Group we believe in cooperation, so in order to optimize the value case of artificial grass recycling we have joined forces with various partners in an alliance: GBN Artificial Grass Recycling (AGR). This alliance consists of both producers and suppliers. It is a unique collaboration because various producers who are each other’s competitors during the tendering process are working together to solve the problem of coastal grass.
Within one year the recycling facility in Amsterdam was a fact. With the opening of the only up-and-running facility in the Netherlands, we have been responsibly processing End-of-Life (EoL) artificial grass into various high-quality circular raw materials since April 2020. We produce circular and certified sand, rubber and RTA (Recycled Turf Agglomerate). Which are reused in, among other things, the construction of new sports fields.
Through our established recycling process less primary raw materials are used and we create a circular economy

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