French study: 60% of sponsors will not continue sponsoring clubs

Union Sport & Cycle, a French federation for the sports infrastructure industry, has calculated a EUR 3.1 billion loss of turnover for the first half of 2020 compared to 2019. Nearly 50,000 employees have been placed on short-term work in this confinement period.

Obviously, the decline in turnover concerns all companies in the sector. Among these, 68% of industrialists estimate a decline of more than 30% (of which 34% fear a decline of more than 50%) and they are 61% of merchant leisure providers to make the same observation (of which 14% fear a greater decline at 50%).

Finally, this survey reveals that the impact for the sports movement will also be inevitable: 60% of companies supporting a sports club indicate that they will probably not be able to maintain this support at the start of the school year, while they are 27% to declare wanting to decrease their support.

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