• Sat. May 18th, 2024

FIFA launches quality programme for Futsal surfaces


FIFA has launched its Handbook of Test Methods for Futsal Flooring surfaces.

The document describes surfaces in a technical way that are best suited for use in Futsal.

Futsal is predominantly played in indoor halls alongside other sports such as Volleyball or Basketball.

The standard “FIFA Quality” considers tolerances that other sports are able to meet. At the same time the document narrows the requirements of the EN14904 standard to better suit the game of Futsal, including some refined methods and methods used in the testing of Football Turf.

As it stands the use of FIFA Quality surfaces will be recommended but not mandatory through the Laws of The Game, however future versions of the Laws of The Game may change it to mandatory.

A “FIFA Quality Pro” level will be developed over the next years by gaining further player insights and preferences through research. According to FIFA the 2020 FIFA Futsal World Cup provides a fantastic opportunity to amend and strengthen the existing quality programme whilst identifying key mechanical parameters that are essential for the elite level game.

4 Test Institutes have been accredited by FIFA to establish the quality of the surface. These test institutes were also involved in the validation and development of the Test Manual. They all successfully passed the first round robin for Futsal Floor Test Institutes in April 2019.

The accredited test institutes are: Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia (IBV), Labosport France, Labosport UK and Sports Labs.

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