• Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

EN15330-1 Synthetic surfaces up for review

EN15330-1 Surfaces for sports areas — Synthetic turf and needle-punched surfaces primarily designed for outdoor use — Part 1: Specification for synthetic turf is currently being reviewed by the European Standards Committee (CEN).

This European Standard specifies performance, durability, product identification and facility testing requirements for synthetic turf sports surfaces used primarily outdoors. Five categories of surface are covered, each based on the principal sporting use of the surface, as follows:
–   surfaces designed primarily for hockey;
–   surfaces designed primarily for association football;
–   surfaces designed primarily for rugby union for training purposes;
–   surfaces designed primarily for tennis;
–   surfaces designed for multi-sports use.
The requirements are intended to apply to surfaces used for community, educational and recreational sport only as many sports governing bodies have published their own specifications. These requirements might differ from those detailed in this European Standard. Therefore, facility developers are advised to ensure that they select surfaces offering the correct level of performance for the level of competition played on the pitch or court.

This European Standard has two parts. The first part describes the requirements for product testing of products in the laboratory to ensure they are capable of providing the required levels of sports performance and player/surface interaction required for their intended use and that they are manufactured from materials of acceptable quality.

The second section describes the requirements for installed surfaces to ensure that the sports performance and player/surface interaction of a facility is suitable for the intended use.

Comments or proposed improvements the European Standards Committee (CEN) should consider, should be directed to the national standards authority.

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