• Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Deadline looms for UK plant protection users

Business users of plant protection products in Great Britain are reminded that they are legally required to appear on a central register by June 22nd, 2022. This applies to all organisations whatever your size or business structure.

The requirement is governed by the Official Controls (Plant Protection Products) Regulations 2020 (OCR) and failure to register is breaking the law. This legal requirement is being backed up by increased inspections and will be enforced.

The requirement applies to one-person businesses but also golf clubs, lawn care businesses, contractors or whatever. Further information on how to register is on the HSE official website where you will be directed to the government website where you can download the appropriate form. In essence the form requires you to provide general information on your business, how you work with plant protection products or adjuvants and all the quantities involved.

If your business produces, manufactures, processes, imports, distributes, sells, manufactures or otherwise places pesticides or components on the market, you were required to register using a separate form by 22 September 2021. If you believe your business is in this category and has not yet registered, be aware that you are currently operating outside the law and need to take immediate action.

In Northern Ireland, OCR is being applied but with different timescales. An online registration is available for suppliers of plant protection products and adjuvants which should have been completed by the end of March 2022. Further information on registration for users is yet to be released.

Registration can be done here

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