GKB Machines has fitted a cutting roller to a Vstrong scarifier to control weeds on sports fields and golf courses. The powered cutting roller cuts through broadleaf weeds such as plantain. Repeating this action often enough decreases the recovery capacity and exhausts the weeds.

For replacing the cutting roll, one first has to remove the drive and bearings before you can reach the scarifying shaft. According to the manufacturer, the conversion takes about three to four hours. The discs on the roll are four centimeters apart and cut 1.5 centimeters deep into the turf. The discs are driven and rotate in the opposite direction, says Rudolf Molenaar, business development manager of GKB Machines. “We are still testing at what speed the roller should turn. But with a different belt and pulley we can easily adjust the speed,”he says.

Oval discs

GKB Machines previously supplied a Topair aerator with similar cutting rollers. “You need a lot of weight to have the discs cutting. This can be solved by using a heavier tractor, however not every company or municipality has it available. By driving the cutting roller automatically, the roller cuts through the surface more easily. In addition, we are currently testing a roll with oval discs. This role also passes through the surface easier, ”says Molenaar.

The manufacturer recommends driving at a speed of about 8 km / h lengthways and once diagonally across the field. The cutting roller is available on all models of the Vstrong.

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