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Condor Grass Christmas gift for Robur et Velocitas

Condor Grass BrockFill

Players at Robur et Velocitas F.C. in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, received an early Christmas gift when club management announced that it had selected a Condor Grass artificial grass system that uses Brockfill infill to replace the 15-year-old field that relied on SBR.

The new field will be the first sustainable artificial turf field within the municipality, which is best known for its sprawling forests and beautiful nature.

Condor Grass partner Sallandse United started renovating the field in the final week before Christmas.

The Brockfill infill complements the sustainable carpet and shock pad Condor Grass uses for its long pile artificial turf systems. The wood particles are derived from trees that are specifically grown for this purpose. The infill was developed by US-based Brock and was approved by the US environmental agencies before it received the green light for export overseas.

No splash

With the European Union about to ban the sale of polymeric infill to prevent microplastic pollution from migrated infill, Brockfill has arrived in time in Europe to provide a sustainable solution.

The infill doesn’t experience splash thanks to the weight of the individual particles. Therefore, there is hardly any need for supplementing infill at the end of the season.

The infill is hailed for its consistent contribution to the performance of the surface and its ability to maintain a comfortable temperature for the field. Brockfill doesn’t warm up when exposed to the sun, as is often the case with polymeric infills.

Close cooperation

Brockfill is supplied via Technoah, the European agent for Brock US. Condor Grass and Technoah have a longstanding partnership. Brock US has recently increased its involvement in Europe by joining the ESTC, an organisation Condor Grass is already a member of. ESTC is the custodian of the artificial turf industry in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Sustainable system

Brockfill is the final link in the range of sustainable Condor Grass artificial turf products for football and rugby. All Condor Grass surfaces for these sports use several specifically selected shock pads that all last for at least 25 years, and, once reclaimed and recycled, can be used for the production of a new shock pad for sports.

The artificial grass carpet was produced with the help of sustainable energy sources. Sustainability is a key focus for the holding company Condor Group, one of the biggest carpet producers in Europe. Its production facilities in Hasselt, the Netherlands, have their own solar park to generate electricity, which places the company on track to achieve zero emissions.

Guy Oldenkotte

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