• Sat. Apr 13th, 2024

Charterhouse launches next generation of Verti-Drain

Charterhouse Turf Machinery has launched the next generation Verti-Drain during BTME 2020. The new Verti-Drain 2519 has a working width of 1.9m.

The 2519 model incorporates the very best of Redexim precision design and engineering to bring a new high-speed machine into their portfolio. Offering a PTO speed of up to 540rpm, it can cover up to 8739sq.m per hour when spaced at 165mm. As standard, the Verti-Drain 2519 comes with 12mm solid tines but it can accept a range of solid tine options up to 19mm, and hollow tines for coring. This versatility, combined with a variable working depth of up to 250mm, makes it suitable for an array of end-users, across the full spectrum of the maintenance calendar.

Together with a new draw-rod system, it features an easy to adjust heave lever and slip clutch PTO drive. With practicality and finesse at the heart of the machine, the 2519 also features new livery and styling.

Charterhouse also introduced the Redexim Top-Brush – a 6m wide triple poly-brush ideal for course presentation, organic matter removal and dispersal of worm casts. With more and more chemicals being withdrawn from the market, turf managers are turning to mechanical methods of maintenance to reduce contributory factors to disease. Regular brushing helps to remove dew from the surface and stand the grass plant upright, helping to ensure a better cut, remove excess moisture and ensure optimum airflow into the turf canopy.

Ideal for large areas such as golf fairways, the 3 poly brushes can be accurately adjusted to the desired depth, depending on whether a light surface brush or a deeper agitation is required. Its independent ‘wings’ can then be hydraulically lifted and folded for convenient transportation and storage.

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