• Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Call for adopting the Leisure Operator Water Charter

Waterwise, water companies and leisure associations in the Uk have worked together to create free help and guidance for leisure operators to protect your future irrigation water supplies.

The National Framework for Water Resource is forecasting water shortages across the United Kingdom due to increasing population, increasing likelihood of drought, heavier rainfall events leading to localised flooding, over-abstraction of water leading to poor water and ecological standards.

In response, leisure facility operators are being asked to help prevent or reduce irrigation use, or water infrastructure, from adversely impacting supplies of potable water, water quality, or habitat and ecology. In return for this water resilience commitment, a package of help and assistance has been created including template water resilience plans, seminars and workshops.

This water sector funded initiative was developed by Environmental Solutions International, Leisure Associations, Leisure Operators, the English and Welsh Water Companies, and is supported by Waterwise –  the UK’s leading authority on water efficiency.

The Club Managers Association of Europe, Golf Club Managers Association, Grounds Management Association, National Association of Public Golf Courses, Race Course Association, and UK Golf Federation have adopted the Leisure Association Water Charter and are encouraging their members to adopt this Leisure Operator Water Charter to help access help and assistance to protect member’s futures.

If you are not a member of one of these Associations, you can access the same water company funded help and advice – simply adopt this charter.

Please adopt the water industry supported Leisure Operator Water Charter to both raise awareness of water shortages and to access the water company funded help.

Once you have submitted your details and confirmed your commitment to the Water Charter, you’ll be taken to a self-explaining excel-sheet.

The Leisure Operator Water Charter can be viewed and adopted here: https://lnkd.in/dVS7ERdq

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