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Belgium embraces Brockfill

Football club KSVB from Brasschaat, Belgium, has selected a Condor Grass football turf system with Brockfill infill to futureproof its facility. The 100% natural infill complies with the upcoming legislation the European Commission is about to adopt to safeguard the environment. The new surfaces will also finally enable the club to welcome a long list of aspiring members.

Ever since the opening of its first artificial turf field in 2011, KSVB has become the talk of the town in the Belgium city of Brasschaat. At present, the club has over 700 members, but has had a waiting list for several years. Over 130 people are aspiring to join the club.

As the time had come to renovate the artificial turf surface, KSVB decided to combine the renovation as well as the installation of a new artificial turf football field into one project.

“We decided to go for the Condor Grass surface with Brockfill infill. This will provide us ample opportunities,” chairperson Nico Proios told local media.

“We managed to save money and are hoping that the municipality is willing to subsidise a part of the project.”

100% environmentally friendly

Brasschaat is situated just north of Antwerp in an area that is known for its natural beauty. Ever since Brasschaat was voted as the most liveable municipality in the world, some 15 years ago, it has been working hard to maintain and further improve its quality benchmarks.

That is why is doesn’t come as a surprise that it selected Brockfill infill for its long pile artificial turf surface.

The infill is derived from pine trees that have been specifically planted and harvested for this purpose.

Brockfill maintains some moisture which is gradually released once the field is used or ambient temperature rises, hence it cools the surface down. Furthermore, it has a pleasant odour.

As the European Commission is about to adopt legislation that will favour natural infill over infill made of rubber or plastic, KSVB can rest assured that its field will stand the test of time.

A new chapter

The installation will be done by Nootenboom Sport, a long standing partner of Condor Grass. The Dutch company can bank on over 60 years’ experience in the installation and maintenance of sports surfaces. While the renovation of the existing field will be straightforward, the installation of the new field requires good planning.

“The additional field should herald the start of a new chapter for the club. We really hope that we will be able to host an opening match during the summer, well before the start of the new season,” Proios concludes.


Guy Oldenkotte

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