• Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

BASF introduces golf-specific insecticide

BASF has introduced Alucion 35 WG insecticide, its first specifically for the golf course market. This new dual-active, non-restricted use product provides golf course superintendents with a highly effective solution for controlling a wide range of surface-feeding insects.

Formulated with the active ingredients alpha-cypermethrin and dinotefuran, Alucion 35 WG insecticide delivers broad-spectrum control, fast knockdown and strong residual to protect turf from insect pests including nuisance ants, chinch bugs, cutworms and annual bluegrass weevils.

“Our laboratory has conducted several Alucion trials since 2019, including difficult to control pests like annual bluegrass weevil adults and larvae, caterpillars, and leatherjackets,” said Dr. Ben McGraw, associate professor of turfgrass science at Penn State University. “Its spectrum of activity is quite broad, and its level of control is comparable to, if not better than industry standards in most instances.”

Alucion 35 WG insecticide is the only pyrethroid-containing insecticide for golf courses with a non-restricted use label and anchored in an excellent formulation for easy mixing and handling to deliver healthy greens and uninterrupted play.

Guy Oldenkotte

Guy Oldenkotte is senior editor of sportsfields.info and has been covering the outdoor sportssurfaces market and industry since 2003

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