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Barcelona FC cashes in on stadium field

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Oct 31, 2023

The Camp Nou pitch is for sale. As the iconic stadium is being demolished to make way for a new venue, the club is extracting currency from the turf by selling it in pieces, or as diamonds from carbonized grass.

Lovers of Camp Nou (turf) can buy a piece of the pitch for prices between 49.99 and 419.99 euros.

However, the cheapest option, a model of the stadium with a piece of real grass for the field, is already sold out. The options left are a small box of methacrylate full of grass or a small piece of turf framed with a poster with historical facts about the stadium.

In addition to pieces of grass, Barcelona FC also had grass carbonized, and, as such, created 1957 diamonds. The number refers to the opening year of the stadium.

The diamonds are incorporated into pendants, bracelets and pins. The cheapest costs 499 euros. The most expensive one will set you back a handsome 15,000 euros.

All products are sold via the Barcelona FC website.

Camp Nou has now largely been demolished to make way for a new stadium, which is expected to be finished before the start of the 2025-2026 season. Below you can see what the new stadium will look like. The details of what has been done to ensure a good turf or what technology will be used to make that happen are yet to be announced.

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium

With the decision to completely replace the stadium with a more modern version, FC Barcelona goes even one step further than its biggest rival Real Madrid. The club from the Spanish capital chose to renovate its Santiago Bernabeu Stadium. This summer, that stadium was fitted with modern technology to guarantee the quality of the turf. In this article you can read how it will function.

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