• Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

ASI Europe opens purification centre in Norway

Advanced Sports Installations Europe (ASIE) has entered into a cooperation agreement with Øvre Romerike Waste Company IKS (ØRAS) for the cleaning of discarded artificial grass sports fields at the waste facility in Dal Skog, Norway. The agreement includes storage and sorting within ØRAS area where the company is authorized to receive such materials.

The cooperation that ASIE has entered into with ØRAS provides the opportunity to work on reuse, material recovery and energy utilization of discarded sports fields.

ASIE is offering the full range of services from installation of artificial grass to removal, cleaning, re-use and recycling of end-of-life artificial grass materials. ASIE has over 25 years of experience in handling artificial grass in 26 countries in Europe.

Much research and development are being conducted on the use of alternative “infill” in artificial grass fields, but it is a fact that there are approx. 1700 artificial grass fields with rubber granules only in Norway. There are at least 20 000 fields in Europe with average lifespan of 10 years creating huge number ow waste stream. It is important to have sound and approved receiving and processing solutions that promote the reuse and recycling of materials when discarded. This is in line with the waste regulations and national environmental targets. It is also important that this circular concept can reduce the need for transport of discarded fields and the consumable materials.

ASIE is now working with partners on operating routines, environmental risk assessments and plans for the operational activities across Europe.

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