• Mon. Jun 24th, 2024

Alveosport bounces back

Sekisui Alveo, manufacturers of polymeric foams and trading as Alveo Sport, has resumed delivery of their underlay for artificial turf. The company has recovered from a factory fire in late 2016.

The factory has been rebuilt and damaged machines have been replaced and commissioned. This took more than a year as Alveosport uses a unique machine to produce its shockpads. The machine precisely cuts the patented groove pattern in to the foam rolls. According to the company there is none other like it available anywhere in the world.

Sekisui Alveo hails the many people who worked many hours in order to expedite the rebuilding of the factory and replacement of the machinery. The successful commissioning was not only about assembling equipment parts, but also about sophisticated programming or equipment controls.

In October last year the company announced it would resume production in March 2018. The first rolls left their plant in Roermond, the Netherlands, late last week.

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