• Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Abrasion test method for synthetic turf

Stud roll test

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) has published an abrasion test method for synthetic turfs using combined UV exposure and mechanical wear.

ISO 19721:2022 specifies an abrasion test method for accelerated testing of synthetic turfs for use in sports facilities. The document provides the details of radiation, temperature, and moisture exposure, as well as to mechanical abrasion using football shoe studs on rotating drum assembly.

The radiant exposure, combined with simultaneous or sequential mechanical stud wear test, can assess the abrasion resistance of synthetic turf used outdoors. The test method developed considers exposure that provides UV radiant exposure and stud wear.

The impact of UV on synthetic turf is widely underestimated. Earlier this year, Sportsfields.info discussed the quality of synthetic turf surfaces and the need for establishing the correct mixture of materials. You can read the article here.

Guy Oldenkotte

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